50 years in the bush Arts council of New South Wales MacDonnell Justin GEN 304
7000 Brave Australians Australia Bannister Colin GEN 255
A Bumper Crop: Stories and Poems from the South East South East Daly Bob GEN 162
A Country Boy; Including the History of Naracoorte Golf Max Jones GEN 142
A Decent set of girls: Irish Famine Orphans 11849-1850 Famine Orphans Reid/Mongan GEN 209
A Grain of truth Victoria Hooper Diana M GEN 163
A Habit of Dying England Wiseman D J GEN 345
A History of the Goulburn medical clinic New South Wales GEN 315
A Lion in the Colony Tasmania Wyatt Major D M GEN 156
A Man called Possum Tasmania Jones Max GEN 145
A Meal A Day - Meals on Wheels Cudmore Michael GEN 50
A Millers Tale: The memoirs of John Dunn of Mt Barker Mt Barker GEN 105
A New Life Down Under (2) A V Dyer GEN 206
A Personal Recollection - Company of Seven 1949-89 Millicent GEN 191
A private world on a nameless bay Morisset hospital GEN 319
A real situation Migrant education 1947 - 1970 Carrington Lois GEN 302
A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland Vol 1 Ireland Lewis Samuel GEN 110
A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland Vol 11 Ireland Lewis samuel GEN 111
A Tormented Soul South Australia Clavell L K GEN 344
A Truckie's Dream-The Allan Scotts Story (Biography)   Greenwood Graham GEN 195
A Vital link Eucla and the Eyre Highway White Jessie GEN 132
Aboriginal words of Australia Australia Papps EH GEN 201
Adelaide and T V Guide 1978 GEN 26
Adelaide Wills Administered 1844-1879 [folder] Adelaide GEN 88
Alexander Tolmer in Colonial South Australia 1840-1856 South Australia Murray Tonkin GEN 84
Alleyn Brothers ledger,1915-1923 Millicent GEN 266
Along Way from Tipperary 1983 Journalism in South Australia South Australia G A Grosvenor GEN 64
Angels of mercy (2) District nursing in South Australia Linn Rob GEN 316
Anne Gliddon's Family Records South Australia K T Borrow GEN 286
As many lives as a cat Adelaide theatre guild Round Kerrie GEN 306
Ascot hangings Cranstoun Cecily GEN 317
Atlas of Australia Australia GEN 227
Atlas of Ireland Ireland GEN 97
Augustus Short, D.D.  Bishop of Adelaide Judith M Brown GEN 276
Australia my home (2) Autobiography Raymond (Taffy) Nicholls GEN 271
Australia Remembers 1945-1995 Commonwealth 50th Anniversary of the end of World War 11 Australia GEN 185
Australian Aboriginal Languages Australia Blake Barry J GEN 38
Australian Corriedale century 1882-1982 Australia A Nicolson GEN 81
Australian Landscape Drawing 1830-1880 Auatralia Whitelaw Bridget GEN 167
Australian Pioneer Women Australia Pownall Eve GEN 56
Australian Road Atlas Australia GEN 272
Australians Yesterday and Today A book of memories Australia Haseloff Win GEN 330
Balladist of Borders & Bush Ogilvie George A GEN 198
Barwell Boys 1922 - 1928 Folder Barwell Boys GEN 136
Be Still  Churches South Australia Potter James L GEN 294
Beachport: A Southern Port Vol 12 Beachport R McCourt GEN 184
Berwick mechanics institute & free library A history Myers Richard GEN 308
Big Lizzie- The Story of a Man and a Machine Maslin Ron GEN 343
Big Road Atlas 1996 Britain GEN 212
Blokes & Sheds  (2) Australia Thomson Mark GEN 327
Blood Atonement (Genealogical Novel)   Waddell Dan GEN 355
Boandik Bounderies   Walker E GEN 164
Bread & Dripping Days An Australian growing up in the 20's Kathleen McArthur GEN 288
British Family Histories England T R Thomson GEN 52
Bugle Annual 1981 England GEN 77
Bugle Annual 1982 England GEN 79
Bugle Annual 1983 England GEN 51
Bugle Annual 1991 England GEN 78
By His Grace I Shall Live - The Life of Alan Walker   Walker Elizabeth GEN 188
Cellulose Information GEN  260
Centenary of Methodism in Mt Gambier 1860-196 Mt Gambier GEN 28
Centenary Recipe Book: Rendelsham School 1882-1982 Rendelsham GEN 44
Centenary: The Sisters of Mercy South Australia 1880-1980 South Australia H Ashbury GEN 66
Christie & Ellen Bowden E G GEN 335
Collins Road Atlas Europe Europe GEN 287
Colonial Blue: A History of the South Australia Police Force 1836-1980 South Australia Robert Clyne GEN 91
Community song book by Millicent War Service Community Millicent GEN 172
Concise Dictionary of Australian Artists Australia Robb G / Smith E GEN 41
Corrugated Castles Australia Margaret Hill GEN 281
Crime and Consequence- Based on the murder of Trooper Harry Pearce-Kingstin SE 1881 Kingston S.E. White K & A GEN 342
Daisy Bates - The passing of the Aborigines Australia GEN 147
Dancing with unicorns  A love story Huie Shirley F GEN 303
Deficiency and Innovation: Agricultural South East  Vol 8 South East Judy Stafford GEN 180
Diary of J G Campbell  & S J Stuckey Info  Campbell / Stuckey GEN 232
District Council Millicent By-Laws Millicent GEN 135
Down Memory Lane- Memoirs of Mary Lilian Hunt 1899-1996 Kalangadoo Westhoff June GEN 202
Dr A D Hensley; A Medical Life of Service   Dunsford Adair GEN 143
Drainage Board 1869 GEN 261
Dreamers and Singers: Poets of the South East Vol 2 South East Margaret Muller GEN 174
Duncan Cameron Story Victoria/lPenola GEN 268
Dunny's Scrapbook South Australia Martin Dunstan GEN 106
Dust, flies and livestock (3) The life of a stockagent GEN 324
Early Homestead Gardens S E Vol 10 South East Janet Kentish GEN 182
Early Presbyteranism in South Australia South Australia R J Scrimgeour GEN 37
Easier Fatherland Germany and the Twenty-First Century  Germany Crowshaw Steve GEN 354
Eleven Thousand Nurses Royal Adelaide Hospital  Durdin Joan GEN 313
Emily's Journal:The welch letters  (2) Pat Roberts GEN 42
Escourt House: A History A G Peake GEN 46
Faith Love and Endurance Vol 6 South East Anne Ashworth GEN 178
Fallout  -  British bomb tests in australia Australia Cross Roger GEN 325
For The Term of his Natural Life Clarke Marcus GEN 340
From Joiners Bench to Pulpit P A Scherer GEN 226
From Stone Cutter to Premier and Ministerof education Smeaton T H GEN 155
Furner Newspaper Clippings (Kepst by L E Spehr) Furner GEN 160
Genealogy Papers 1980  GEN 25
George Cockburn Henderson A Memoir   Casson M R GEN 34
German Charlie - Man of the Mallee South Austraia Foster-Holmes Marilyn GEN 334
Ghosts of Port Arthur Tasmania Simmons/McCullock GEN 151
Gold  Forgotten histories and lost objects Australia Mccalman Iain GEN 309
Gordon of Dingley Dell - Adam Lindsay Gordon  Mt Gambier Day Lorraine GEN 203
Grandma's Gleanings from Newton's Woolthorpe Winn M A GEN 207
Great Australians James Stirling A Hasluck GEN 228
Great Australians John Dunmore Lang D S McMillan GEN 224
Great Australians John Hunter Aughmuty J J GEN 222
Great Australians Marcus Clarke Brian Elliott GEN 221
Great Australians Robert Campbell M Stevens GEN 229
Great Australians Rolf Boldrewood T Inglis Moore GEN 223
Great Australians Simeon Lord D R Hainsworth GEN 230
Great Women of the Good Country   Maney Vida GEN 196
Gun Club / Court Summons   GEN 165
Hatherleigh Almanac England GEN 89
Healing the heart 1939-1999 60 years Alice Springs hospital Cockrill Pauline GEN  320
Here Comes the Coach B Arnold GEN 80
Heritage  -  Hidden treasure 1838 - 1938 Lutheran women of Australia Rees Marie GEN 295
Highway Men and Bushrangers (1) R L Thomson GEN 107
History of George Street & Davenport Street Millicent GEN 112
History of livestock auctioneers, carriers, buyers, and drovers North coast Trustan Ellen GEN 323
Holy Trinity Church Adelaide GEN 86
Home on the Road - Travelling Australia Australia Haeusler Val GEN 190
Home or away Immigrants in Colonial Australia Australia D Fitzpatrick GEN 99
Hoof Prints in Time Jack Gorman GEN 3
I'm Speaking to You - Bob Caldicott South Australia Caldicott Bob GEN 58
Images & Impacts Regional community theatre Derrett Ros GEN 307
In Search of Ancestors Mayell F L GEN 27
In The Blood--A genealogical Crime Mystery   Robinson Steve GEN 22
Interrupted Journeys-Young Refugees from Hitler's Reich Gill Alan GEN 357
Irish History Ireland GEN 332
Ivy: A Remarkable Woman  (2) Thomas Kevin GEN 253
Journal of elder Exploration Expedition 1891 GEN 211
Journal of the Historical Society of S A No 17 1989 South Australia GEN 215
Journal of the Historical Society of S A No 19 1991 South Australia GEN 217
Journal of the Historical Society of S A No15 1987 South Australia GEN 213
Journal of the Historical Society of S A No16 1988 South Australia GEN 214
Journal of the Historical Society of S A No18 1990 South Australia GEN 216
Journey to Wholeness Brewster Barbara M GEN 29
Jubilee Celebrations 1919-1969 Millicent GEN 258
Kangaroo Island Doctor Kangaroo Island GEN 57
Kinsmen and Clansmen R W Munro GEN 49
Kruger Jars 'n' Fencing Wire- Stories about The Barossa Germans, The  Barossa Aborigines and local Characters Barossa Shemeld W P GEN 341
Labouring in vain History of Bishopthorpe Webster Garnet GEN 299
Lace Makers of Calais Kelly Gillian GEN 123
Learning for life 1916-1972,  1975-1999 Catholic Womens league O'Neil Bernard GEN 293
Letters from a Flying Officer R.S. Wortley GEN 269
Letters from Irish Australia 1825-1929 P O' Farrell GEN 98
Letters to home Australian rural life in the 1920's Fawcett Bert GEN 318
Life Lines- Australian Womens Letters and Diaries 1788 to  Diana M Hooper GEN 158
Light on Dark: caves in the South East Vol 5 South East Judy Murdoch GEN 177
Lincolnshire History and Archaeology Vol 22 1987 England GEN 114
Lincolnshire History and Archaeology Vol 23 1988 England GEN 117
Lincolnshire History Archaeology Vol 24 1989 England GEN 124
Little Para Pilgrims  Churches of South Australia Potter James L GEN 292
Making more adequate provision Tasmania Phillips Derek GEN 128
Matron Wants to see you Nurse: A story of two Hospitals (2) Mt Gambier Walker E GEN 208
Memoirs of James McGilchrist GEN 360
Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Victoria Victoria GEN 104
Memories -- Turning back the hands of time Unicare house North Balwyn GEN 305
Memories & dreams Nurse Mary Kirkpatrick Kyle Noeline GEN 314
Memories of Kathleen Walker Walker Kathleen GEN 74
Men Of The Past Millicent & District Millicent Friends of the Library GEN 263
Milestones in Australian History 1788 t0 the present Australia Brown Robin GEN 109
MIllicent Lodge 1919-1994 Millicent GEN 249
MIllicent Lodge 1919-1994 Millicent GEN 250
Millicent Lodge 75th Anniversary Millicent GEN 251
Minnie: Memoirs of a Squatter's daughter M E S Brewer GEN 289
Mission girls  - Aboriginal girls on Catholic Missions Western Austarlia Choo Christine GEN 297
Mixed Dreamings Life of Athanasia H.B.Blessios A.D.Blessios GEN  265
Musing and Amusing   Parker H GEN 187
My Diary South Australia Preston Betty GEN 326
My Wife, My Daughter and poor Maryann Australia Kingston Beverley GEN 148
My Wounded Heart- The Life of Lilli Jahn 1900-1944 Doerry Martin GEN 359
Narrative of the Overland Journey of Sir John & Lady Tasmania GEN 126
Newspaper Clippings Miscellaneous [folder] GEN 24
Newspaper Cuttings: War Years C Mowbray GEN 75
NIGHT - Elie Wiesel- Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Wiesel Marion GEN 358
No Need to be Afraid- Italian Settlers in Australia  1839 and 2nd WW O'Connor Desmond GEN 197
Noble Spirit Noble Paul GEN 336
Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Girls Convict Women Tasmania Tardif Phillip GEN 149
Occupation Citizen: Story of Northern Territory Women and the vote 1894-1896 Northern Territory JamesBarbara GEN 210
On The cream run New South Wales Trustum Helen GEN 298
On the edge Deaths at the gap NSW McIntyre Claire GEN 321
On the road NRMA'S first seventy five years New South Wales Broomham R GEN 329
One Rusty Rail Stewien Ronald GEN 152
Oranges & Sunshine England Humphreys M GEN 346
Our Centuary: A 100 Years of the Savings Bank of South Australia South Australia GEN 72
Outback Tales Chesnet/ Gardner GEN 225
Paradise of Dissent Douglas Pike GEN 53
Peace of Mind GEN 96
Personalities in Pink Coats  (2) B J O'Connor GEN 21
Petticoat Parade Australia Prout D/ Feely F GEN 139
Picrures of early australia reproduced by National Australia Bank Australia GEN 353
Poetry in the Parks: A Guide to Coastal Parks of the South East Vol 1 South East June E Emery GEN 173
Poor Australian Immigrants in the Ninteenth Centuary Australia Richards Eric GEN 141
Port Arthur Railway across Tasman Peninsula Tasmania Bayley W A GEN 154
Port Arthur Sketch Book Tasmania Phillips/Smith GEN 125
Presbyterian Church 1918 & 1919 St Andrews Millicent GEN 277
Prestwood Historical Guide GEN 138
Protestations Returns 1641 - 1642 Lincolnshire England GEN 115
R G Symonds 1810-96 & Pioneer Pt Adelaide Dorothy Pash GEN 284
Racing Axemen  (History of Woodchopping) Australia Preston James GEN 60
Real Estate Act ; Government Gazettes GEN 119
Recollections and Images by residents of the Tatiara Tatiara GEN 231
Remarkable women Vol 9 South East Adair Dunsford GEN 181
Road atlas of Australia Australia Gregory's GEN 283
S A Gazette and Colonial Register 1836-1838 South Australia GEN 220
S E Shipwrecks from Canoes to steamers Vol 11 South East Geoffrey Aslin GEN 183
S.E Times Newspapers Jan - Jun 1994  (Box) Millicent GEN 241
S.E,Times Newspapers Jul - Dec 1996  (Box) Millicent GEN 246
S.E.Times  Newspapers Jan - Jun 1992 (Box) Millicent GEN 237
S.E.Times Newspapers Jan - Jun 1991  (Box) Millicent GEN 235
S.E.Times Newspapers Jan - Jun 1993  (Box) Millicent GEN 239
S.E.Times Newspapers Jan - Jun 1995  (Box) Millicent GEN 243
S.E.Times Newspapers Jan - Jun 1996  (Box) Millicent GEN 245
S.E.Times Newspapers Jan - Jun 1997  (Box) Millicent GEN 247
S.E.Times newspapers Jan- Jun 1990    (Box) Millicent GEN 233
S.E.Times newspapers Jul - Dec 1990   (Box) Millicent GEN 234
S.E.Times Newspapers Jul - Dec 1991  (Box) Millicent GEN 236
S.E.Times Newspapers Jul - Dec 1992  (Box) Millicent GEN 238
S.E.Times Newspapers Jul - Dec 1993  (Box) Millicent GEN 240
S.E.Times Newspapers Jul - Dec 1994  (Box) Millicent GEN 242
S.E.Times Newspapers Jul - Dec 1995  (Box) Millicent GEN 244
S.E.Times Newspapers Jul - Dec 1997  (Box)  Millicent GEN 248
Sheets sandwiches and sympathy Royal Adelaide Hospital auxiliary Andrew Marjorie GEN 310
Sister Kate - A life dedicated to children in need Western Australia Whittington Vera GEN 312
South Australia: Over 100 Magnificent Veiws South Australia GEN 55
South Australian Year Book 1971 South Australia GEN 121
South Australian Year Book 1972 South Australia GEN 270
South Australian Year Book 1977 South Australia GEN 122
South Australiana 1962 South Australia GEN 4
South Australiana 1963 South Australia GEN 5
South Australiana March 1964 South Australia   GEN 15
South Australiana March 1965 South Australia GEN 7
South Australiana March 1966 South Australia GEN 9
South Australiana March 1967 South Australia GEN 11
South Australiana March 1977 South Australia GEN 16
South Australiana March 1985 South Australia GEN 19
South Australiana Sept 1963 South Australia GEN 6
South Australiana Sept 1965 South Australia GEN 8
South Australiana Sept 1966 South Australia GEN 10
South Australiana Sept 1967 South Australia GEN 12
South Australiana Sept 1968 South Australia GEN 13
South Australiana Sept 1977 South Australia   GEN 14
South Australiana Sept 1984 South Australia GEN 18
South Australiana Sept 1985 South Australia   GEN 17
South Australiana Sept 1985 South Australia GEN 20
South AustralianMuincipal and District Council E Walker GEN 159
South East Board: Biographies Drainage Works South East GEN 166
Stock Journal 1986 GEN 67
Strath Hunter Heraldry  (2) GEN 333
Strength of Spirit  Pioneering women of Achievement DeVries Susanna GEN 291
Suffolk driving guide Britain Patricia G Dalton GEN 282
The Aboriginal People of the South East Vol3 South East Pam O"Connor GEN 175
The Art of doing our best   Caldwell GEN 127
The Australian Story  100 years As seen on the ABC Kelly Paul GEN 301
The Bargain  (2) Jones John GEN 168
The Barwell Boy McLean Lydia GEN 361
The Blood Detective Waddell Dan GEN 352
The Boandik tribe of South Australia Aborigines Mrs James Smith GEN 280
The Boys - A Story of 732 Young Concentration Camp Survivors Gilbert Martin GEN 356
The Boys Write Home Connell Vee GEN 200
The Brewsters of Parker Flat (2) Bond Rosemary GEN 171
The Bullock Drivers Handbook A Cannon GEN 82
The Bush Mayor and Beyond (Life Story Bill Pomery) Pomery Bill GEN 45
The Catholic Parish of Heathcote  -A History Christian Churches McKenzie Mary GEN 296
The Clan Fraser of Lavat   C I Fraser GEN 94
The Complete Book of Tartan Zaczek I & Phillips C Zaczek I & Phillips C GEN 337
The Condition of the working Class GEN 1
The Diaries of John McConnell Black  (Vol 1) South Australia Andrew & Clissold GEN 204
The Early History of the South Australia Corriedale GEN 40
The English Counties England GEN 264
The Fatal Shore Robert Hughes GEN 62
The first Overlanders Hawdon / Bonney Kevin K Bain GEN 65
The Generations of Men Wright Judith GEN 73
The go betweens Nichols David GEN 322
The Guns of Angelsea Tasmania GEN 153
The Harvest of Their Lives Mt Gambier  City of Mt Gambier GEN 274
The History of Local Government in the Millicent and Tantanoola Areas Millicent GEN 186
The History of Local Government Millicent and Tantanoola Areas Tantanoola GEN 205
the Last Queen of England  (Genealogical) Robinson Steve GEN 351
The Letters of Rachel Henning Veitch Ida GEN 35
The Men that God Forgot V D L Tasmania Butler Richard GEN 157
The Missos History Federated workers union Beasley Margo GEN 300
The Personal Touch South Australia Postal 1836-1986  South Australia  (2) GEN 68
The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers   Humphery/Smith GEN 95
The Promise and Challenge Flavel Doreen GEN 144
The Scallop GEN 48
The Search for Harold Lasseter Australia Hubbard Murray GEN 328
The Seven Daughters of Eve England Sykes Bryan GEN 348
The Shell and B P Guide to Britain England GEN 134
The Sisters of Mercy in the South East 1880-1980 (2)   GEN 189
The Slave Trade 1440 - 1870 Thomas Hugh GEN 350
The Story of Hatherleigh England GEN 90
The Torrens Experiment Robert Cox GEN 23
The Trail of an April Fool Staub Lorna GEN 170
The Visitor GEN 69
The White Mouse : Nancy Wake Australia Wake Nancy GEN 347
The Wit of Sir Robert Menzies Menzies Robinson Ray GEN 338
Thinking of Things Nicholls Raymond GEN 279  
This side of Heaven  (2) Arnold A Hunt GEN 59
To The Grave (Genealogical)   Robinson Steve GEN 349
Tracks Jones Max GEN 146
Transported: In Place of Death Convicts in Aistralia Australia Sweeney C GEN 150
Tropic Tide  An adventurer's life Perkins Mandaley GEN 331
Unsung Heroes and Heroines of Australia Australia Baldwin Suzy GEN 137
Unwilling Emigrants   Hasluck Alexander GEN 193
Uses of Native Plants in the South East Vol 4 South East Neville Bonney GEN 176
Victims of Justice   The Australian Convicts Australia Donley R J R GEN 39
Visible Immigrants Fitzpatrick D GEN 140
Wear a crooked smile Lois Dean GEN 275
WEARY-The Life of Sir Edward Dunlop Dunlop Ebury Sue GEN 339
Well Suited to the Colony Kelly Gillian GEN 254
When we were Kids Australiana Roberts Dulcie GEN 76
Where have all the Flour Mills gone1875-1980 W Lewis Jones GEN 92
Where Law Meets Love  (2)   Morton Jane GEN 192
Whimsey and a Little Bull   McArthur P N GEN 169
William Light's Brief Journal and Australian Diaries Australia Elder David  GEN 199
Wings and Water: wetlands of the South East Vol 7 South East Lynda Byrne GEN 179
With Naught but Kin Behind them Shetland Norah Kendall GEN 43
Yesterday's Daughters-Stories of our past by Women over 70  (2)   GEN 93
Yorke Peninsula Historical Visit 1986 Yorke Peninsula GEN 71
You just had to deal with it Health care Kangaroo Island Gloyne Jill GEN 311
Young Bingham Hutchinson & Foundation South Australia Helen Jennings GEN 285
You're not a new Australian You're a bloody Pom Colin Bennett GEN 290
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