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Updated: March 2014

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Phone: +61 8 87331100

                                        SOUTH EAST FAMILY HISTORY GROUP
                                        Limestone Coast of South Australia


We have members across Australia and internationally.
Membership Fees:  
             Family/Single    $30.00 per annum
             Pensioner          $25.00 per annum

             Newsletter Only $12

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or Direct Bank Deposits. If you would like to take advantage of the last option please email the Treasurer asking for the details.

There are 3 forms that can be completed to accompany your membership fee. See below.

Only the membership form is compulsory, the others are optional.

Open a PDF FORM to print, write in the details and post to the centre

·      Membership form

·     Pedigree Chart

·     Members Surname Interests


Open a WORD DOCUMENT FORM to save to your computer, type in the details and email back to the centre as an attachment.

·      Membership form

·     Pedigree Chart

·     Members Surname Interests


Member’s Surname Interests

Submit Surnames Forms.

If you would like the surnames you are searching included  in this section of our website,  choose one of the Members Surname Interest forms above,  to complete and return.

Search Surname Interests


Subscribe to E-News

Between the printing of our newsletters an E-News is distributed to subscribers to inform them of meeting or event details, and latest news of interest including interesting websites and apps. You do not have to be a member to subscribe to the E News.

· Subscribe


Family Tree Maker Chat

We have a number of members who use Family Tree Maker as their program of choice, for recording their family history. With updates regularly occurring with this program, people are using a whole variety of versions and unfortunately trying to run sessions to meet everyone’s needs, is almost impossible. The latest is Family Tree Maker 2014 which is number 22 in the version list. However it is nice to be able to have contact with others, using the same version, to problem solve. So our committee solution is to use our E News forum to assist members get answers to their problems. As a consequence this is now a regular section within our E News.

If you have a problem or question you would like to ask simply

1. Email info@sefhg.org with your question which will be posted in the E News.

2. Please ensure that you include the version number or edition of the program in your question. If you don’t know the version it usually displays whilst opening the program but otherwise, whilst the program is open, go to your Help tab and scroll down to About Family Tree Maker and your version will be displayed.

3. If the answer can be found out before the monthly publication, this will be included in the same E News

4. If you currently are not subscribed to our E News (which is distributed monthly) then you can subscribe above.


Committee Members

President                        Noel
Vice President                 Kelvin
Secretary                        Les

Assistant Secretary         Marion
Treasurer                        Betty
Librarian                         Phyllis

Assistant Librarian          Jann
Research Officer            Colleen

Newsletter Editor            Lucy

Web Page Admin           Gwen


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